Jan 07 2014

Welcome Site for Sore Eyes When Traveling

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Many years ago, I used to drive big rigs over the road long distance.  When I I was heading from Tx or points West, I would usually have to go over the newer of the two bridges.  It always meant that I was only about 50 miles from the house.  I can remember as a kid going to my uncle’s house there in Vicksburg and he would take me and my sister down to the Navy Circle Overlook and watch them build that bridge. The other bridge, well it has its own history, built in the 1930’s. Still in use today for rail only.  Barely wide enough for current cars can pass each other.  Closed to vehicles in 1998.  I would love to walk across that bridge one day and just take pictures of its great steel structure.  We just don’t build them like that anymore… What a shame.

Now these bridges and that flag still mean that I am once again home even thoughI live in Colorado and love living here, Mississippi will always be my home.






Till later …..

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