Sep 17 2012

Traveling on an Airplane

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Seems like a song title from something a long time ago, heck it may even be one.  I don’t know nor do I really care.  Sitting here in the hotel room waiting for a webex meeting and then lunch and then maybe the Air and Space Museum over by Dulles Airport and see the some history and make a few clicks. 

As we go thru life, we sometimes need to take a look at the places we have been and the things we have done at those places.  I have been to alot of places and there are a lot of places I still have on my list to go to in the time I have left here.  I am realistic that I know I will not get to them all, but I also know that when I get to them, I will enjoy them to just have had the opportunity to see the place or places or the exhibits I have wanted to see.  With a love of history and how that intertwines with my love of photography and science, it makes sense to visit places like the Air and Space Muesum and buildings in Washington D.C. Even if I only vist the building and not what is inside the building, some building are the history not what is inside, I will be happy and I hope I can share that knowledge with people and the enjoyment of my visit through my images.

Till later…..


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