Apr 07 2013

Scratching a new Itch

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No I do not have a new insect bite or a new rash of some sort.  But in the realm of my photography, I do have a new itch to scratch.  This itch had a beginning in earnest back in Oct 2012 at a Moose Peterson workshop called Mono Lake and Beyond (I would call it that since we shot everything around the lake and beyond the lake).  Since he had us there so early in the darken confines of the South Tufa Parking Lot, he had us shooting the stars and to just look up and see what you saw.  Well looking up you can see one of two things there, black sky and stars for the most part. During that workshop, I took my first nighttime photograph of the stars.  Now this was not looking through some monster telescope or anything.  It was looking through the viewfinder of a DSLR and a 16mm lens.  In other words, you are looking a whole bunch of stars. Below is that first image.


Now lets fast forward that to March and April timeframe.  Living in Denver, CO, you are up high enough, but with so much light pollution from the city, you can rarely see the stars and they are only the brightest ones that can get thru the light pollution.  So in the meantime, I have been scouring for sources to learn more about nighttime photography and other stuff related to that type of photography.  I have learned that the Milky Way is only visible during certain hours of the night and even only certain months of the years depending on where you are at. Putting all this new knowledge to use, I went up to Devils Tower in Wyoming this weekend (a long drive but worth it) and was aiming for sunrise shoots, but got some night photography in.  Heck, I am still learning it, but I think the results speak for themselves.

Devils Tower-1

Devils Tower-2

Still learning and from this and know that I have to make some small adjustments to make , but now it is just using the time to get the results I want from the photography. Now I need to go to REI and really get some warm cold weather gear because it does look like I am going to be spending some long nights up high on Mt Evans, Mt Goliath Nature Area, and Trail Ridge Road this summer scratching that itch.

Till later …..

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