Nov 02 2014

Passion and Life Gets in the Way

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As I sit here on Bandon Beach South Jetty Wall listening to the waves of the Pacific Ocean pound against the breakwater and the sound of the horn that says watch out I wonder how this imitates life. We have our horns that warn us when to stop and avoid the certain danger that lurks beyond that signal. But do we stop and listen or do we just charge ahead with the known certainty that danger is ahead and if we fail we become like a ship that crashes on those rocks and eventually breaks up and returns to ocean. Life sends us those signals, sometimes very painful and sometimes very subtle ones. We need to listen to that horn in life and when it says, hey you stop what you are doing for a moment and listen to me, time to listen to the foghorn. We all have goals and ambitions and passions. A lot times we end up on the wrong goals and ambitions in life and forget the passions that make us who we are. We need to stop ignoring the foghorn and start following our heart and passions while we still can.

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