Jan 30 2014

A Simple Click

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Skyline of Denver




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Jan 23 2014

A Simple Click

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Just a simple macro click of the Apple MacBook Air keyboard.




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Jan 07 2014

Welcome Site for Sore Eyes When Traveling

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Many years ago, I used to drive big rigs over the road long distance.  When I I was heading from Tx or points West, I would usually have to go over the newer of the two bridges.  It always meant that I was only about 50 miles from the house.  I can remember as a kid going to my uncle’s house there in Vicksburg and he would take me and my sister down to the Navy Circle Overlook and watch them build that bridge. The other bridge, well it has its own history, built in the 1930’s. Still in use today for rail only.  Barely wide enough for current cars can pass each other.  Closed to vehicles in 1998.  I would love to walk across that bridge one day and just take pictures of its great steel structure.  We just don’t build them like that anymore… What a shame.

Now these bridges and that flag still mean that I am once again home even thoughI live in Colorado and love living here, Mississippi will always be my home.






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Jan 07 2014

Never Gets Old

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Windsor Ruins is some place I have visited many times and I still discover new things about the place either by talking with people or just listening to the wind thru the trees.  Rarely do I process images as HDR, but the light really demanded it for this go around when I was home for Christmas. May they still be standing till I visit again.









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Dec 30 2013

The Start of a Wonderful Journey – MY FIRST CAMERA

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In 1976, I was a freshman in high school and growing up was as it always is for a pimple face boy that was just learning his way around, a fun experience.  A teacher in my jr high school, Mr Green, saw something in me and took me under his wing. He planted this seed known as photography in me that has grown into something wonderful.  Back then, while it was not a 35mm camera, it was a Sony video camera that was connected to a Sony 1/2″ tape reel to reel recorder.  Started taping football games, basketball games and even had a weekly news report of the happening at the school.  No it was not one of those gossip shows…..  Just pure good school news. As that photography seed was taking root, I started shooting with the famous camera of the day Kodak 110 and 126 cartridge camera.  I know everyone remembers those.  Got to high school and that seed now has taken root and started to sprout from the ground. Started to learn how to develop Black and White film, good ole Tri X. Still shooting with the Sony video camera at the school, but now I got to use the school’s camera, a twin lens reflex camera.  Everyone remembers those right.  Look in from top and move the opposite direction you wanted something framed.  Those where some fun days.

Christmas of my junior year rolls around and Santa had somehow managed to put a surprise under the tree that year that I did not have a clue about.  My first 35mm camera.  Came with the body and 3 lens I think.  That camera has taken me to some wonderful places and it holds many wonderful memories.  It has seen the sidelines of my college football days, many surprised people in class, parades, and many a sunset. Many rolls of Tri-X, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, and good ole Kodak Color Film have been wrapped around the takeup reel and then fed back into the cartridge.  See that Santa was my mom and she is the reason to this day I shoot…  She made many great sacrifices for me and my sister over the years, but she was always there.  She took that seed that had taken root and nurtured it with great care and tons of love to make sure it stayed alive and that it would grow for many years then and into the future. She did not know what laid in the path of that seed, but she knew in her heart that great things and some really good images would come from taking so great care of it.

I have missed having that memory around to remind me of where I have been and the path, however twisted, that has been taken.  Now it is home and it will now get a fresh cleaning on the outside, some glue to put the cover back on in some well worn places, but it has finally come home.  For all the gear I have or have had, this one will always hold that place in my heart and memories,  MY FIRST CAMERA.





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Nov 19 2013

Jefferson Memorial

Another shot from the Tidal basin. Caught this during sunset after flying into Dulles.  I really like going here when I am in DC.  It is relatively peaceful, not crowded with people and can sit on the benches under the cherry trees and look up the National Mall and see the home of the stupid people.  Maybe they need to make a trip to the Jefferson Memorial and read what is inscribed into the walls there.





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Nov 19 2013


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Recently I was able to visit Gettysburg National Military Battlefield Park. If you expect a lot of memorial and statues and stuff, this not the park for it.  Lots of wide open country and corn fields. This included the area of Pickett’s Charge.  This was wide open.  Now I see how the Union soldiers were able to repel the Confederate soldiers.  They were sitting ducks for artillery and sharpshooters. Visited the site of the Gettysburg Address and here you feel the presence of once great men.


Pickett's Charge

Soldier Cememtry


Fall Leaves in Gettysburg



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Sep 18 2013

Clouds from Sunset

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Taken some time ago this year.




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Sep 17 2013

Xfinity X1 Review

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It is going to be a short review: It does not work.  Tech spent 4 hours here trying to get to work. 2 different boxes, 2 different remotes.  Remotes are super sensitive, narrow angle  for the IR receiver, Interface is clunky when it works.  Cannot change channels to right channels, it overrides your choice if a HD channel is available, you do not have a choice in the matter that I can see.  Apps do not work. Needs to more work period.  I could not recommend it to anyone that ask me for their opinion.


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Sep 16 2013

Lower Falls Rainbow

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During the morning if the angle of the sun is just right and there are no clouds in the way, you can see a rainbow created at the bottom of the lower falls.  This morning was fighting the clouds, but we got enough of the sun to make a little bit of a rainbow for us that morning shooting with two other photog’s.  And we all three had the prime spaces locked in..





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