Nov 01 2012

Looking at Landscapes in a Different Light

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I have been shooting landscapes for the last few years and thought I was getting fairly decent at it. Notice I did say “thought”. This last weekend, I attended a workshop led by Moose Peterson, a wildlife, aviation, and landscape photographer in Mammoth Lakes. It was to say the less, a blast and also an eye opener. So the big points I learned are these: when making the click, you want the viewer to say, I want to be there instead of saying, oh he (the shooter) was there. Use the lines to lead people to what you want them to see. Centering the subject is bad for the most part (something I am very guilty of). So now as I go back out and shoot more landscapes of places here in Colorado, I can take those new points and apply them, hopefully making better images for myself ad everyone that looks at my images. Oh, I got hooked on stars. Knowing what I know now and with the camera I have now, I am most definitely going to be shooting more night shoots of the stars. Libby Flats here I come (when the road is open)


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