Oct 22 2014

Inspiration, It is a Fickle Thing

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Recently spent some time in the Washington DC area for work and wanted to go shoot the Capital Building at night. First have to wait for a protest group parading in DC to clear out then go to find out the dome is well covered in scaffolding. Not the most pleasing sight in an image, uh. Went to my ole standby the Tidal Basin and just could not get inspired there to really shoot anything. Yea, I took a few snaps,but nothing really breathtaking or anything I would post anywhere, much less put up on the wall in the house.

Sometime the inspiration is just not there. So you leave and go find it again. That is what you and I both have to do sometimes. It can be found in some of the darndest places, but we have to find it. Without it, it really makes no sense to put the effort into an image sometimes unless it just happens in front of you and you just get lucky.

Till later ……

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