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Jan 07 2014

Welcome Site for Sore Eyes When Traveling

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Many years ago, I used to drive big rigs over the road long distance.  When I I was heading from Tx or points West, I would usually have to go over the newer of the two bridges.  It always meant that I was only about 50 miles from the house.  I can remember as a […]

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Jan 07 2014

Never Gets Old

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Windsor Ruins is some place I have visited many times and I still discover new things about the place either by talking with people or just listening to the wind thru the trees.  Rarely do I process images as HDR, but the light really demanded it for this go around when I was home for […]

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Nov 19 2013

Jefferson Memorial

Another shot from the Tidal basin. Caught this during sunset after flying into Dulles.  I really like going here when I am in DC.  It is relatively peaceful, not crowded with people and can sit on the benches under the cherry trees and look up the National Mall and see the home of the stupid […]

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Nov 19 2013


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Recently I was able to visit Gettysburg National Military Battlefield Park. If you expect a lot of memorial and statues and stuff, this not the park for it.  Lots of wide open country and corn fields. This included the area of Pickett’s Charge.  This was wide open.  Now I see how the Union soldiers were […]

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Sep 18 2013

Clouds from Sunset

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Taken some time ago this year.     Till later …..

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Sep 16 2013

Yellowstone Day 2

Day 1 was scouting and stuff so nothing from Day 1.  Here is a shot  from Day 2 Artist Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.     Till later …..

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Jul 30 2013

Washington DC at Night

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  Lately I have been having sleeping issues so when I travel for work, I always take the camera and the tripod.  Now there are times when I do not need the tripod, but them times like this I really am glad I have those sticks.  Washington Monument is undergoing some repairs from the quake […]

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Apr 07 2013

Scratching a new Itch

No I do not have a new insect bite or a new rash of some sort.  But in the realm of my photography, I do have a new itch to scratch.  This itch had a beginning in earnest back in Oct 2012 at a Moose Peterson workshop called Mono Lake and Beyond (I would call […]

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Jan 31 2013

Just Amazing Buildings

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When you think of the time in which Lincoln was President of the US and what he accomplished. This building is a great memorial to the man himself and to the ideals he stood for.  SO many that are now mis quoted and taken out of context.   And then you have George Washington….   Till […]

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Jan 25 2013

Some clicks from last year

Taken at a workshop in California, just some clicks that I was looking at recently…       Till later …..  

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