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Jan 07 2014

Welcome Site for Sore Eyes When Traveling

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Many years ago, I used to drive big rigs over the road long distance.  When I I was heading from Tx or points West, I would usually have to go over the newer of the two bridges.  It always meant that I was only about 50 miles from the house.  I can remember as a […]

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Dec 30 2013

The Start of a Wonderful Journey – MY FIRST CAMERA

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In 1976, I was a freshman in high school and growing up was as it always is for a pimple face boy that was just learning his way around, a fun experience.  A teacher in my jr high school, Mr Green, saw something in me and took me under his wing. He planted this seed […]

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Sep 18 2013

Clouds from Sunset

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Taken some time ago this year.     Till later …..

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Sep 16 2013

Yellowstone Day 2

Day 1 was scouting and stuff so nothing from Day 1.  Here is a shot  from Day 2 Artist Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.     Till later …..

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Sep 12 2013

Aurora Flood Waters

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Images from the rain of 9/12/2013. This is just from rain this morning.  This time I was planning on something different to shoot , but ended up getting soaked to my waist helping push one of the cars out of the water. My good deed for the day….   PS: I am still planning on […]

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Aug 17 2013

Almost a Year on This One

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Well it has almost been a year on this blog and how does time fly.  Have been traveling and getting to go take photos of some great places and try some new techniques that I have learned and been wanting to learn also.  Dabbed in macro and really like doing that depending on the subject. […]

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Feb 10 2013

Got Nothing

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Sometimes you have nothing to say and along with that nothing to post.  So here we are with nothing to say or to post.  I will leave it up you to determine idf I am nuts or what…   Till later …..  

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Jan 25 2013

Some clicks from last year

Taken at a workshop in California, just some clicks that I was looking at recently…       Till later …..  

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Dec 04 2012

A Simple Click

The view last night.   Till later …..

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Oct 11 2012

LumiQuest UltraStrap Review

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Lumiquest is a manufacturer of light modifiers especially for small flashes such as a Nikon SB-800, 900, 910. I currently own a Lumiquest Softbox  for my flashes.  I have been looking for a Velcro strap that will securely hold the box as designed to the flash without it loosening up and the Softbox falling off […]

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