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Nov 19 2013

Jefferson Memorial

Another shot from the Tidal basin. Caught this during sunset after flying into Dulles.  I really like going here when I am in DC.  It is relatively peaceful, not crowded with people and can sit on the benches under the cherry trees and look up the National Mall and see the home of the stupid […]

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Jul 30 2013

Washington DC at Night

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  Lately I have been having sleeping issues so when I travel for work, I always take the camera and the tripod.  Now there are times when I do not need the tripod, but them times like this I really am glad I have those sticks.  Washington Monument is undergoing some repairs from the quake […]

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May 24 2013

The Real Reason for Memorial Day

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As we start our Memorial Day weekend today, let’s not forget the real reason for Memorial Day. As I sit here at my desk looking outside, I ask myself, what does Memorial Day mean to me? It is more that a day off, it is more than a day that signals the start of summer […]

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Apr 07 2013

Scratching a new Itch

No I do not have a new insect bite or a new rash of some sort.  But in the realm of my photography, I do have a new itch to scratch.  This itch had a beginning in earnest back in Oct 2012 at a Moose Peterson workshop called Mono Lake and Beyond (I would call […]

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Jan 31 2013

Just Amazing Buildings

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When you think of the time in which Lincoln was President of the US and what he accomplished. This building is a great memorial to the man himself and to the ideals he stood for.  SO many that are now mis quoted and taken out of context.   And then you have George Washington….   Till […]

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Dec 04 2012

A Simple Click

The view last night.   Till later …..

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Sep 24 2012

Lincoln Memorial

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Recently I was in Washington Dc for a business trip and the opportunity to go shooting at night.  Had two goals, Jefferson Memorial with it reflecting in the tidal basin and Lincoln Memorial.  Got them both with actually a nice byproduct of the sky being cloudy, got great coloring from the city lights bouncing up into the […]

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