Mar 21 2014

A Visit With a Old Marine

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I was able to recently visit with an Marine that was very special.  See, this Marine was a survivor of the hell that was Battle for Iwo Jima.  I wish I could have spent more time with him as I was just soaking up everything he was telling me.  Telling of the stories of the number of B-29 crews that were saved by being able to land on Iwo when their battered planes could not make it back to the bases on Tinian.  Told me the stories about the Army Air Force pilots flying P-51’s, how they would do barrel rolls signifying winning a dogfight with a Zero.  Though he was up there in the years, he could tell the story just like it was yesterday to him.

We are losing more and more of these fine men everyday and once they are all gone, all we have left is their memories and the stories they past to us.  Remember their stories and remember them well if you ever get a chance to listen to one as he or she talks.

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