Sep 09 2012

A New Leaf

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So why a new leaf? I have no idea, but yes to tell the truth, I do know.  I want to do things and I need to either get them them done or figure out how to do  them by investing the time and energy to learn to how to do them and then follow through with them. One of those thing is this blog.  I have been having the a blog site on and off for several years now, but it seems, I always let it lapse in to non attendance or failure to launch or some other lame excuse.  Everybody I known and respect in the photography world says you need a blog to communicate to the social media.  So what part of the social media do you need to communicate with.  If you have a Facebook account, you have to keep it up to date, if you have a twitter account,  well can you see where this is going. Sites also have to be mobile friendly these days also with the plethora of mobile devices in abundance now.

Since today is my birthday, I am 29 again for the umpteenth time, I have set myself a goal to setup this blog site and to finish setting up my portfolio site so I can communicate my photography to the world masses.


So here it goes!!!!


Till later…..


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