Jul 30 2013

Washington DC at Night

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Tidal Basin Washington, DC


Lately I have been having sleeping issues so when I travel for work, I always take the camera and the tripod.  Now there are times when I do not need the tripod, but them times like this I really am glad I have those sticks.  Washington Monument is undergoing some repairs from the quake that was felt in DC back in 2011 and the person paying for half of the restoration/repairs decided that it should be lit up at  night.  I think it was a wise choice. Up close, you can see the taping of the seams in the stone work and everything there.



I like this area of DC, the tidal basin.  It is away from the hustle  and bustle of Lincoln Memorial and everything that is down on that end of the reflecting pool. Like view looking out over the water with the cherry trees serving as a bountiful shade on a hot summer afternoon.


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