Jan 01 2016

2016 A New Year

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2015 was a year of growth in my photography and in life. I was able to learn new skills in my post processing of photographs in Photoshop and plugins. I made the determination that I will move completely away from Lightroom since I can do everything there in the Develop Module in ACR in Photoshop and can do it faster. Printing from PS was a big issue that was solved last year and now it is one of the easiest part of my PS skills, at least it is to me.Image composition improvement was a big goal for last year and I will continue to improve on that skill this year.What is in store for 2016? Not known yet and that is the way I like it. I do know that my file organizational scheme will change and that will entail using Photo Mechanic to its fullest. I still have not found any program out there that will allow me to import and browse my images faster than Photo Mechanic.Exciting things are in the pipe for 2016…..MTK…(Image Credit: Kristina Rael Rice)

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