Jan 01 2016

2016 A New Year

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2015 was a year of growth in my photography and in life. I was able to learn new skills in my post processing of photographs in Photoshop and plugins. I made the determination that I will move completely away from Lightroom since I can do everything there in the Develop Module in ACR in Photoshop and can do it faster. Printing from PS was a big issue that was solved last year and now it is one of the easiest part of my PS skills, at least it is to me.Image composition improvement was a big goal for last year and I will continue to improve on that skill this year.What is in store for 2016? Not known yet and that is the way I like it. I do know that my file organizational scheme will change and that will entail using Photo Mechanic to its fullest. I still have not found any program out there that will allow me to import and browse my images faster than Photo Mechanic.Exciting things are in the pipe for 2016…..MTK…(Image Credit: Kristina Rael Rice)

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Feb 04 2015

A Sore Day

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I had to go back my ENT doctor to get some stuff check out. Looking better, but now on to a new med to hopefully get the rest of the stubborn infection out. Now I have a sore throat for where she took a small growth off my soft palate. So it is ice cream bars for me tonight….. Still may go for some wings and the Hooters Girls…. May be I can get me some sympathy there…

Till later …..

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Feb 04 2015

A Long Day

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Had to go to Colorado Springs to teach some users on the systems that I installed and help maintain and then come to Denver. It made for a long day.Did get to find a new barbque place there in Colorado Springs, Rudy’s… Good food…

Till later…..

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Feb 02 2015

Don’t Try to BS a Nuke

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Waiting on a package from FedEx. Try to get an updated status on the non updated tracking site. Call FedEx and nothing but BS reason. Then come back on the phone oh I am sorry I misspoke. Yep got got trying to BS a Nuke., It just does not work…..

Till later…..

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Feb 01 2015

A Post A Day

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Bandon Beach Sea Stacks


Till later …..

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Nov 02 2014

Passion and Life Gets in the Way

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As I sit here on Bandon Beach South Jetty Wall listening to the waves of the Pacific Ocean pound against the breakwater and the sound of the horn that says watch out I wonder how this imitates life. We have our horns that warn us when to stop and avoid the certain danger that lurks beyond that signal. But do we stop and listen or do we just charge ahead with the known certainty that danger is ahead and if we fail we become like a ship that crashes on those rocks and eventually breaks up and returns to ocean. Life sends us those signals, sometimes very painful and sometimes very subtle ones. We need to listen to that horn in life and when it says, hey you stop what you are doing for a moment and listen to me, time to listen to the foghorn. We all have goals and ambitions and passions. A lot times we end up on the wrong goals and ambitions in life and forget the passions that make us who we are. We need to stop ignoring the foghorn and start following our heart and passions while we still can.

Till later …..

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Oct 22 2014

Inspiration, It is a Fickle Thing

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Recently spent some time in the Washington DC area for work and wanted to go shoot the Capital Building at night. First have to wait for a protest group parading in DC to clear out then go to find out the dome is well covered in scaffolding. Not the most pleasing sight in an image, uh. Went to my ole standby the Tidal Basin and just could not get inspired there to really shoot anything. Yea, I took a few snaps,but nothing really breathtaking or anything I would post anywhere, much less put up on the wall in the house.

Sometime the inspiration is just not there. So you leave and go find it again. That is what you and I both have to do sometimes. It can be found in some of the darndest places, but we have to find it. Without it, it really makes no sense to put the effort into an image sometimes unless it just happens in front of you and you just get lucky.

Till later ……

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Sep 11 2014

Sorry – Site Was Down

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To everyone that may have visited my site here over that last couple of weeks, well you got not much of anything since there was nothing there. After a nice and long chat with support at the hosting site, it was determined that somehow all the files for the site had gotten deleted. Now how that happened no one knows, but 99% of it was recoverable and glad to say everything is back up except for that 1%. Am I going to fault anyone on the missing 1%, heck no, I am not. Just glad they had backups and was able to restore the 99%.

Till later …..

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Jul 14 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park – Rock Cut

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Couple of images from RMNP – Rock Cut.  They came up for some time at the mineral lick.




Till later …..

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Mar 21 2014

A Visit With a Old Marine

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I was able to recently visit with an Marine that was very special.  See, this Marine was a survivor of the hell that was Battle for Iwo Jima.  I wish I could have spent more time with him as I was just soaking up everything he was telling me.  Telling of the stories of the number of B-29 crews that were saved by being able to land on Iwo when their battered planes could not make it back to the bases on Tinian.  Told me the stories about the Army Air Force pilots flying P-51’s, how they would do barrel rolls signifying winning a dogfight with a Zero.  Though he was up there in the years, he could tell the story just like it was yesterday to him.

We are losing more and more of these fine men everyday and once they are all gone, all we have left is their memories and the stories they past to us.  Remember their stories and remember them well if you ever get a chance to listen to one as he or she talks.

Till later …..



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